The Energy Page – Facts and Figures, Present and Future

Massachusetts Energy Overview 
A detailed look at the state and its energy situation

US Energy Information Administration – State Energy Profile
Sweeping overview of energy and economic data for the state, with some “fun facts”

ISO (Independent System Operator) New England – Report on Sources of Electricity in Massachusetts
Data on where the state draws its power – sources it’s losing, sources in the works

ISO (Independent System Operator) New England – Report on Electricity Use
All-time records for energy use, and more recent peak days

Retail Electricity Prices in Massachusetts
Compare rates from leading providers

Energy Storage Initiative
State government’s overview of its situation and goals for the storage solution

Electricity Rates by State

Eversource – Electric Source Modernization Plan
Broad overview of plan so provide clean energy in the future

National GridFuture Grid
Detailed report of planned updates to energy grid addressing climate change and clean energy

Unitil – Electric Sector Modernization Plan
Comprehensive Overview of its Electric Sector Modernization Plan including 5 and 10 year forecasts

ISO (Independent System Operator) New England – Strategic Plan
Insight into how ISO will fulfill three critical roles of power grid operation.

Electric System Reliability and EPA Regulation of GHG Emissions from Power Plants: 2023
An independent study prepared at the request of Environmental Defense Fund

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