Legislative Calendar

Second Annual Session 2022

January 5, 2022

House and Senate Convene

January 26, 2022

Governor Submits General Appropriation Bill

February 2, 2022

Joint Rule 10 Deadline.

Last day for reports to be made from Joint Committees (except Health Care Financing) (on matters referred to them before the first day of the second annual session)

March 30, 2022

Joint Rule 10 Day for Committee on Health Care Financing

April 27, 2022

Last Day to report on Proposals for Amendments to the Constitution (Note: In the 2nd year, reports may be made only on measures referred to committees subsequent tp Last Wednesday in April of 1st Annual Session.)

May 3, 2022

Last day to enact Initiative Petitions for changes in laws

May 11, 2022

Last day to call up a late filed Proposal for an Amendment to the Constitution

May 11, 2022

Last day for the House committee on Ways and Means to report on the General Appropriation Bill

July 31, 2022

Last day for Formal Sessions

November 2, 2022

Agency Filings Due by 5:00 p.m. for consideration in the 192nd General Court

January 2, 2023

Last day of Session of the 192nd Annual Session

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